El Arte y el Cambio Social is a practice in social justice that utilizes art and popular culture to inspire critical thinking and creativity in anti-oppressive knowledge building and activism.

Raíces de Resistencia

Raíces de Resistencia uses artful thinking to address social justice movements and the role of popular culture/art. Participants’ critical thinking, innate leadership skills, and cultural identities are an essential component in this learning space.

The workshop’s design utilizes Community Cultural Wealth as a theoretical framework which identifies capital and agency within minority communities. Participants will explore intersections of personal power, self-determination and sense of purpose through art and activism.

The workshop sharpens youth leadership skills, critical thinking and promotes equity and justice.

Tacoma Community College was so gracious in offering me two different opportunities to talk about some of the art and community efforts I contribute to in El Paso, TX. Here you will learn a little more about the resistance art in Barrio Duranguito, art co-conspirers, and local folx who keep up the fight to preserve El Paso’s history and future.

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