Community in the time of corona

What I have observed and I gathered from doctors and scientists is that in order to move beyond the Corona Virus, the community has to band together (from the insides of our homes). The two pieces posted here represent that and grew organically from within the community; I met Diego “Robot” Martínez (co-owner of Galería Lincoln and @diegorobot on IG) through Power at the Pass after my solo show late last year. He offered to collaborate, and this is what we came up with: my photos and his intense painting. In my opinion, two pieces that suggest that we did our best to overcome the pandemic by staying focused, creative and supportive. These two pieces are up for sale. Send a message if you’re interested! You’d be helping two working artists during this difficult time.

I’m also working with a group of young vloggers, where I will help with content creation for an up-and-coming fronterizo social justice podcast. Be on the look out. In the meantime, I continue to create, and to resist the crippling nature of the facist regime.

Published by artedemontoya

Artist, educator and activist living in the Texas/New Mexico/Chihuahua tri-state area.

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