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El Guerrero

Portrait Work

Portrait work for me is challenging but I believe it makes me a better artist. I can always hunker down and focus on the color, detail and expression. Thank you to those who have hired me. These make great gifts. Send me a message… Continue Reading “Portrait Work”

Create as if your life depended on it

Community in the time of corona

What I have observed and I gathered from doctors and scientists is that in order to move beyond the Corona Virus, the community has to band together (from the insides of our homes). The two pieces posted here represent that and grew organically from… Continue Reading “Community in the time of corona”

Feliz Año 2020

Patrolling Duranguito. Que si tenía miedo? Obvio. Who are these women for those who don’t know? Chingonas. That’s who. Do your own research. Learn your history. As the old saying goes, every movement needs women and queers. We can willfully dissent from the powers… Continue Reading “Feliz Año 2020”